Forgotten Realms Artifact Hunters: Reassembling The Avatar of Torm

6. Onward towards Cimbar (Part 1)

Along the Sea of Fallen Stars, many interesting things lay

Our heroes left Elturel soon after their target was learned to be in Cimbar. They each purchased a riding horse (except the halfling) and were on their way.

Days: 1.5 We arrived at Scornubel.

Days: 3 After arriving back at Berdusk, we visited Tilius and told him about the quest. He offered us 2 healing potions, free room and board, and twelve days worth of rations for each of us He also had let us know that another sparrow had arrived, this time it was from Ganthet, and it was for us. He gave us a copy of the message which he had transcribed onto a parchment in addition to a scroll that was attached:

“I Apologize for forgetting. Use this scroll if you find anything. Return to Elturel at …misc arcane sigils…”.

Days: 1 We arrived in Iriaebor. All seemed well, but upon leaving town, we were approached by eight scruffy looking town guards, four of which held large axes. They started surrounding us while one stepped up and said “Oy! You forgot to pay the leaving town tax. That’ll be 10 gold each”.

Morigan McBane was not able to recall any news of a leaving-town tax, infact for Iriaebor, a town so dependant on it’s exports, taxing those exiting the city would be a terrible idea. Meanwhile, Marek the Silver could tell the scruffy guard was lying and Talindra Seryth noticed the shoddy craftsmanship on their guard regalia. It was was obvious these were merely brigands.

Wile the party members tried to talk their way out of a confrontation, Ana Bella slipped off her saddle and snuck up behind the leader and drew her blade.

Soon after, a scuffle erupted and the “guards” were dealt with violently, but they were safely neutralized. We licked our wounds, collected their gold, Marek grabbed a halberd, and we brought the counterfeit armbands to the true guard and received a reward for their capture.

Crooked Iriaeboran guards(1300xp)
4 Human Guards (600xp, MM1)
4 Human Berserkers (700xp, MM1)

Days: 3 We arrived in Proskur. We discovered a good dose of merriment coming from some shadier individuals at the tavern. It seems that there was an ongoing wager as to who can steal the undertunic of Leonara Obarstal’s handmaiden, Aliena. The winner wins the pot, which, over the past tenday, had grown to 300gp. To participate it cost 25gp. We decided this nonsense was beneath us and we continued on our way.

Days: 2 We arrived in Elversult. A handful of children were running through the streets toward the town square. One small Shou Lung child bumped into Marek the Silver and stopped. He looked up at him, sidestepped and continued to chase his friends. Ahead, we heard him call out "I hear he has horns as big as a tree!”

When we reached the center of town, half a dozen townsfolk and about a dozen children were surrounding a tiefling in Shou Lung dress as he performed some minor feats of prestidigitation. In common, though lathered with a strong eastern accent, he addressed the crowd, “For my next feat, I will need a volunteer.” The Tiefling reached into the crowd and pulled the same child whom had bumped into Marek onto the small wooden stage. “Now behold, as I make this child disappear.” The tiefling unhinged his jaw and slipped the boy’s head into his mouth, removing it with a single bite.

Soon after, we jumped into action and saw the creature for what he truly was. The illusion now dispelled, the tiefling grew to a 12-foot tall Blue Oni with long horns and an insatiable mouth lined with sharp fangs. His eyes raged bright red as he tried to swallow the few children still at the foot of the stage. But with our protection, most were saved that day, although two poor souls were lost.

That night, the townsfolk held a celebration to celebrate our efforts, and took up a collection of 200gp for us. That reward, coupled with the 15gp and the two emeralds found on the Oni’s body made this stop quite lucrative.

Oni Devourer (700xp, MM1) +50 xp per escaped child (900xp total)

●Days: 2 The rolling, green fields of grasses and grains were no more. It had been two days since we left Elversult, and the land had become saturated with the water: the seeping shoals of the Sea of Fallen Stars, the runoff from the Giant’s run Mountains, and the creeks and rivers spider webbing between Long Arm Lake and other waterways of the Dragon Coast. The earth beneath our feet was moist and rotting. The flora, unable to grab hold with roots, featured more shrubs, vines, and cypress trees. The road was more of a suggestion than a path.

As the sun peaked in the sky, the heat became almost unbearable. Our bodies were coated in sweat, leaving all of our clothes damp. Finally, a slight breeze blew on our faces from the East, but unfortunately it brought with it a putrid compost stink. Up ahead, we recognized some shimmering figures in the distance wading waist deep in the swamp. It seemed we were downwind of three scaled humanoids. As Tal squinted to recognize the creatures, she also noticed the backs of two large crocodiles wading in the water and some vines that seemed to be doing more than just blowing in the wind.

We dismounted and readied ourselves for a trying battle. Gavail Pontiff eyed the seen with a concerned look, and with a wink, the battle was won. Many of the Lizardmen dropped to the floor, unconscious, while the crocodiles were slowed and mired in the mud. Morigan McBane summoned a magical and mechanical eye to help find the hiding creatures, and to add an extra sting to our attacks. The only trying moment was when the two Vine horrors called on the roots beneath our feet to hold us in place and squeeze the life from us, but escape we did and destroy their ranks soon after.

As the battle came to a close, a single lizardman was left, a greenscale hunter who had slept throughout most of the battle. He smartly surrendered to Marek the Silver and begged for his life. His wish was granted by the dragonborn paladin, and he gained employ as a squire and shield bearer to the champion of Bahamut. Marek the Silver spent the evening teaching Sleepy about the ways of the Lord of the North Wind while the rest of us gutted the crocodiles and collected the 2 garnets and the Boots of Stealth that were found within.

Lizardman Encounter 1275xp
3 Greenscale Hunters (525xp, MM1)
2 Visejaw Crocodiles (350xp, MM1)
2 Vine Horror (400xp, MM1)

Days: 1 We arrived in Teziir.

Days: 2.5 We arrived in Westgate. While walking through the market, we saw a well dressed high elf angrily kicking a large unconscious goliath in the ribs. The elf was about 5’ 10” with long black hair topped with a sharp widows peak. He wore a white tunic with a symbol of a blue hand holding corn, which Morigan recognized as the Noble House of Thorsar: a family of famers who have just recently struck their fortune and are still trying to put on airs as a Noble house.

“You drunk bastard, I hope you die of mummy rot!” said the nobleman as he spat on the sleeping goliath. He sighed and sauntered over to a nearby stoop where her forlornly sat down and dropped his chin into his hands. “Now who will fight for me,” he mumbled to himself. That’s when he looked up and noticed us.

“How can we help?” we asked the elf.

“Yes, yes, you will do fine,” said the Elf, extending his hand. “My name is Lyndon Thorsar. I see that you, as do I worship the True," he motioned to a symbol on Marek’s tunic. "Thus, we know we can trust each other” he revealed a holy symbol on a necklace tucked under his shirt. “And with that in mind, I could use your help. You see this drunkard here, he was supposed to fight for me at tonight’s arena. He won some great matches last night, but unfortunately doesn’t know the proper way to celebrate. Obviously he is in no shape to continue. So here is my proposition, you will fight for me. There are only three matches left, the fighters of house Guldar, Malavhan, and house Urdo. For each bout you win, I will pay you $300 gold. Win all three, and I’ll throw in another $100. All I require is that you wear the symbol of my house,” he motions towards the crest on his tunic. "The fights are one on one, and the rest of you can bet on your friends. What say you?”

Before accepting the job, we decided to ask around to see what we could learn about the other fighters. Lyndon was not much help: “I know nothing of fighting or battle, so all I can tell you is what I’ve seen. House Guldar employs a big, scarred half-orc who carries a very large axe and a bow. House Malavhan has a Dark One fighting for them, he has so far employed many weapons in his battles, and as for House Urdo, I haven’t the slightest idea; I haven’t watched any of the fights, but I’ve heard it’s a spell caster.” Questioning the fans at the nearby arena revealed more, enough to determine who is up to fight which enemy, and to accept Lyndon’s offer.

Half-Orc Hunter (MM2, 200xp); level 5 Skirmisher vs Marek the Silver
Hex Knight (MM3, 175xp); level 4 Soldier vs Ana Bella
Gnome Arcanist (MM1, 150xp); level 3 Controller vs Talindra Seryth



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