Forgotten Realms Artifact Hunters: Reassembling The Avatar of Torm

5. The Library at Elturel (Part 5: Access Granted)

Our Heroes learn about the Armor of Feril Bilikin

You returned to the monastery with you new trinkets. The same guard was back on duty at the door. “By the triad, Torm truly has blessed you! All the demonscurge you must have destroyed to win these- Ganthet will be impressed. Please, come in. Sit here, and please give these gifts to Ganthet. He doesn’t like to be disturbed except for the most important of guests.” He called to another guard within the library and waved you to a foyer while the other disappeared down a hallway.

The room you are in was small with no windows larger than arrow slits. There was a torch on the wall that had left soot marks on the stone above it, describing its age. The air was stale, but smelled of sage and cinnamon. A beautiful rug beneath your feet depicted a crimson dragon and a violet dragon with their necks entwined. Sometime later, the interior guard returned with a short, thin monk. “I present Ganthet, chief historian to the church of Torm.”
Ganthet stood before you in a long red velvet hooded robe with golden filigree. His face was leathery and wrinkled, like an old wool blanket. Hie was completely bald, but his beard was long and peppered with grey and white hair. He adjusted his crystal goggles and addressed you in a wavering old voice. “My guards tell me that you require my attention. Let’s have it, what is so dire that I be drawn from my studies?” The heroes offered their gifts to Ganthet and told him their story.

“By the Brave’s Blessing, what glorious, and sticky, work you have done.” He put the symbols in his pockets. “I must remember to clean those later. So, you are interested in the armor of the avatar of Torm? Please, follow me to my study.” You followed him through tunnels and passageways. Fifteen minutes later, he opened a door and waved you in, closing it behind you. The room was a dimly lit corridor, ten feet wide that spiraled downward with wide steps wrapping around a 20 foot wide rectangular pillar. Every corner of the pillar was marked with a flickering torch, and the walls held framed maps, scrolls, and tapestries. The outer wall was lined with bookshelves fully stocked. Somewhere down the hall, you heard books toppling onto the floor. “Oh dear,” he whispered.

“So, what do you know of Torm and the time of Troubles?” Gavail Pontiff stepped forward and recounted a marvelously detailed account of the battle at Tantras.

“My, that is impressive!” said Ganthet. “Our church has been searching for over a century, and so far all we have found are the Gauntlets, and that’s only because they were found upon the altar of Torm’s church in ”/campaign/artifact-hunters-the-avatar-of-torm/wikis/tantras" class=“wiki-page-link”>Tantras, the city where he and Bane fell. But the armor, boots, bracers and helm are still missing; although I do remember reading something about his armor in a book somewhere around here. Maybe you could help me search?”

The players split into two groups to peruse the shelves, some used the knowledge of religion or history to help in the search, but after a few hours of fruitless work, it became too late to continue. Ganthet thanked you for your help and asked you to return in the morning.

The following day you slept in a bit, allowing Ganthet time to his research. You had a hearty breakfast and took your time in returning to the monastery. Once you did make back to the library, Ganthet was pleased to offer you three books that would help in the search.

  • Book 1) Excerpts from The Time of Troubles and the Death of Our Lord
    “…at which point he was tended to by a master armorsmith, from the kingdom of Akanul, by the name of Feril Bilikin. Bilikin’s work with plate and scale mail of rare metals was highly sought after by paladins of the west.
    “…and with his earthly body no longer necessary, it dissolved into ash and was taken away by the wind. Likewise, his possessions, a collection of materials from around the realms, rose into the sky and shot off to the night. Some say that the artifacts, now washed in the blood of a god, contain great power that will be further released when reunited again. Where they now reside is a mystery, but this historian believes them to have returned to the places of their birth to retire after their divine duty had been done.
  • Book 2) Excerpt from The Akanul Market: A Trader’s Guide to Earning Large Wealth Along the Sea of Fallen Stars
    “…and if one finds themselves on the road to Cimbar- do not fret. Cimbar just happens to be host to one of the greatest plate armor smiths of our generation. Feril Bilikin’s shop is a bit hard to find, but worth the time spent in the search. He is originally not from Cimbar, but brought his extensive, deep knowledge of ores from his upbringing in a small mining village further to the east, closer to the bay of Chessenta.”
  • Book 3) Excerpt from The Elements of the Outer Planes
    “…one report claimed the exceptional adamantine-like strength of Torm’s avatar’s golden plate armor was a product of mining from the Elemental Earth Plane. Thus, it had a regal green sheen to an otherwise golden metal. But whether the ore was imported from another plane or somehow merged with ours is unknown, at least until the product is inspected.”

After reading the excerpts to you, Ganthet looked up from the volumes, removed his goggles, and began to chew nervously on the legs. “Oh dear, that whole area was mutated by the Spellplague. Cimbar is not more than ruins and scavengers and the bay of Chessenta is gone. If it helps at all, I have a map that may prove to be some help.”

Ganthet shuffled downstairs and returned a couple minutes later bearing a large scroll. “Here you go,” he unfurls it onto the table in front of you. “This map is of Cimbar, before the Spellplague. Be careful with it, it’s very old. Look here- this was the armorer’s section of the market. Oh and here was the mining authority- that may prove to be a useful place to visit. And if you get lost, large quantities of earth genasi now inhabit the area, poured in from Abeir. You might want to ask around at Airspur. If you find a geologist or miner, he may be able to help. Also, although longer, the path by land is much safer then trying to find passage through the Sea of Fallen Stars. Wars are still raging between the sahuagin and the kingdoms on the coast, not to mention the Abolethic Sovereignty threat that also came with the merging of the worlds.

Well, I believe that’s all the help I can offer. Thank you for the gifts. In return, I offer you this map. I would give you the books, but I really must organize these shelves. And if you do find anything of Torm’s legacy, the church will no doubt pay you handsomely for your discoveries. Good luck.”



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