Forgotten Realms Artifact Hunters: Reassembling The Avatar of Torm

5. The Library at Elturel (Part 4: The Gnoll Outpost)

Why are the Gnolls so far from the Reaching Woods, and so close to Elturel?

With two Symbols of Asmodeus, one of Gruumsh, and one of Bane in hand, our party made it closer to the are designated on their map as a possible Gnoll outpost by an elf who claimed to have had escaped slavery from his captors there. As you approached the settlement, you say a handful of creatures, one was praying under a Dolmen while the others were ambling around the clearing. [[:Anabella:]] managed to escape detection by hiding behind a rock before the first shot was fire.

And that shot came from particularly sneaky Gnoll’s shortbow and hit Gavail Pontiff in the ribs. The Gnolls worked as a pack, the two warriors surrounded [[:Marek:]] while the Demonic Scourge charged in with his dire flail, inciting multiple attacks from his allies. Meanwhile, the hyena continued to try to sniff out the halfling and the Skulker continued to to pick off the straglers.

Eventually, the short-lived advantage the followers of Yeenoghu had descended into a slaughter of Gnoll blood. With the clearing once again clear, and the party in bad shape, a chest was discovered beneath the Dolmen, which had been tended to by the Demonic Scourge when the pack of Gnolls was attacked. Talindra Seryth quickly forced the lock open and inside they discovered a Holy Symbol of Yeenoghu, a Robe of Eyes, a Ki Spear, an Orb of Insurmountable Force, and a 15lb golden statue of Yeenoghu with black pearl eyes worth 1750gp.

With their trinkets in hand and only one sun still in the sky, the team of evil’s enemies returned to Elturel to seek audience with Ganthet.

1) Gnoll Outpost 1075xp (lvl6)

  • A) 1 Gnoll Demonic Scourge (350xp, MM1)
  • B) 2 Gnoll Huntmasters (400xp, MM1)
  • C) 1 Gnoll Skulker (200xp, MM3 pg104)
  • D) 1 Hyena (125xp, MM1)



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