Forgotten Realms Artifact Hunters: Reassembling The Avatar of Torm

5. The Library at Elturel (Part 2: The Orc Raiding Party)

Are the rumors of that some Orcs have been spotted in a nearby cave true?

Fresh off the high of vanquishing the Evil Undead at Thompson’s family crypt, our heroes trudge southward out of Elturel near the outskirts of the Werewoods and east of Fort Morninglord. The true sun is beginning to hang a bit lower in the sky by the time you arrive at a hilly region devoid of shrubbery and grass. Tucked between two large boulders, you see a dark cave entrance. No one is station out front.

Once again, the little monk says “Don’t worry guys- I’ve got this,” and saunters off into the darkness. The scene begins to play out a lot like it did in the crypt, except this time, the orcs aren’t going down as easily as the undead minions did. After nearing death, many of their wounds begin to reknit, seemingly at the behest of the one-eyed leader. But what really stood out, was the gigantic dire boar that charged in and made absolutely no effect on the outcome of the battle.

With the threat of Orcs living new Elturel averted, their den was razed and our heroes discovered another Holy Symbol, this time in the image of Gruumsh and a leather sack with three pearls inside; two black and one white (worth 1100gp).

It had been a long day of dirty work for our adventurers and they took the remaining evening at leisure. Some visited old man Thompson and consoled his tears by alerting him to the now clean state of his family Crypt. Meanwhile, [[:Morigan:]] visited a magic shop and picked up some odds and ends to perform a ritual back at the inn, making magic his Superior Crossbow.

They all turned in early for they had another day of proving themselves ahead of them.

2) Orc Raiding Party 825xp (lvl5)

  • A) 1 Dire Boar (250xp, MM1)
  • B) 1 Orc Eye of Gruumsh (200xp, MM1)
  • C) 1 Orc Berserkers (175xp, MM1)
  • D) 2 Orc Warriors (200xp, MM1)



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