Forgotten Realms Artifact Hunters: Reassembling The Avatar of Torm

5. The Library at Elturel (Part 1: The Haunted Tomb of Thompson)

What are those strange sounds coming from that tomb?

Our heroes set their sights on Old Man Thompson’s family crypt. While asking for directions to the tomb, their conversation was overheard by a young cleric of Silvanus name [[:Julian:]]. This zealous, copper-skinned priest begged to tag along for the prospect to kill some undead and spread the life of the forest into places of the undead and unnatural was so great. [[:Julian:]]’s fervor was so intriguing that the party offered him their Symbol of Life and an invitation.

Onward they went to the crypt. Both suns were high overhead when the cemetery gate was breached by our heroes. They made their way to the crypt, as described by the frightened man who warned them of it’s danger. The entrance was a tall, albeit nondescript stone portal with rusty iron gate out front. The lock looks as if it had been forced open. From deep within, you hear the sound of an old woman humming and giggling to herself.

“I’ll go, I’ll do some reconnaissance,” said [[:Anabella:]] with a concerned look on her brow as she scanned the darkness. The rest of the team looked at each and tried not to giggle.

“Yes,” said Gavail. “That’s a great idea- we’ll wait right here.” [[:Anabella:]] quietly sulkied into the darkness, holding her breath while Gavail Pontiff cast light on [[:Marek:]]’s sword. From within the darkness, [[:Anabella:]] saw a thin lanky old woman light a torch.

“Who’se there? Has someone come to play with me? Oh please let their be some friends…” screeched the old woman in a baleful, sad demeanor. [[:Marek:]] the Silver, at the old hag’s request, bolted past the little monk and charged at her, longsword drawn. As he ran past the rooms and sepulchres on either side of the main hall, he noticed their lids shifting off while dried, undead hands reached into the stale, putrid air of the tomb. While [[:Marek:]]’s hit landed on the Howling Hag, he saw a pair of young girls jump out of the tombs on either side of him and shamble to his flanks.

The rest of the party entered the tomb, nearly wading through air that was thick with death, while a horde of Zombie Rotters descended upon them. “What Zombie’s” asked Gavail Pontiff as he returned their shells of a corpse to lifelessness with a well placed blast. Not to miss out on the fun of destroying the unnatural, [[:Julian:]] did the same.

Moments later, the tomb was still once again, leaving the party 326gp richer, and bringing back to town a holy Symbol of Bane that was pulled out of the stiff hands of the Hag, and pair of knee high magical leather boots.

3) Haunted Tombs 854xp (lvl5)

  • A) 1 Howling Hag (300xp, MM1)
  • B) 2 Zombies (250xp, MM1)
  • C) 8 Zombie Rotters (304xp, MM1)



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