A once pastoral land nestled between two mountain ranges, Turmish was forever changed by the
Spellplague, which redrew its coastline and put longstanding traditions to the test.

For centuries, Turmish was known as a realm of merchants, not unlike Sembia, where trade and commerce were the rule of the day. Held in check by a powerful band of druids, the cities of Turmish were not allowed to grow beyond a certain point, and the result was a politically stable and affluent realm with a small population enjoying considerable wealth.

That all changed when the Spellplague ripped through Turmish, erasing many of its closest neighbors and draining the Sea of Fallen Stars to leave its busy port of Alaghôn high and dry. Now a stop along the route for fanatics on scar pilgrimages, torn by increasingly competitive and desperate merchant costers, the old Turmish has been replaced by a
realm always on the edge of chaos. The realm is ruled by a parliamentary democracy, embodied by the Assembly of Stars, which elects one of its own as chief administrator.

To the uninitiated, the people of Turmish come across as gruff and impolite, and indeed many are just that. They are serious, business-minded people who disdain the luxury of social niceties. The once welcoming and cosmopolitan Turmians have grown increasingly xenophobic over the difficult past century and are guarded and suspicious of strangers, even though they remain
dependent on outside trade.