Capital City
Population 17,000

The city of Elturel rests atop a cliff that dominates the River Chionthar. A shining orb hangs like an eternal promise directly over the city’s center, providing a golden companion to the sun’s light by day, and reassuring sun-like illumination by night. The heatless second sun is called the Companion or Amaunator’s Gift, though no one but the High Observer knows if the object was truly bestowed by the sun god. Whatever its provenance, the Companion’s illumination
suffuses the city, and undead of every sort are burned by its touch. Elturel is the capital of the wider kingdom it claims. The city is ruled by the High Observer of Torm, who keeps order within the city and the wider realm through a knighthood of paladins who share Elturgard’s goal of one day bringing righteous judgment to all Faerûn. Numerous citizens dream of joining the knighthood, and many succeed. Though not all serve the same god, all have sworn oaths to Elturgard and wear the blazing insignia of the Companion.

As in previous generations, Elturel sees to it that the city and surrounding lands are the safest, best policed, and most efficient trading and farming community in the Western Heartlands. Caravans and riverboat convoys dread tying up in Elturel. More than anywhere else, travelers must be on their guard lest they use profane language, joke in an impious way, or otherwise accidentally anger the righteous port officials. Taxes are high for such offenses, and penalties include stripping a trader of the right to enter the city.