Capital City; Population 30,000

Airspur’s infrastructure, shops, and dwellings are incorporated into Akanûl’s wondrous landscape
of elemental spires and earthmotes. In this three dimensional city, upper spires do not necessarily have a foundation on solid land (though most do). The city is patrolled by [genasi] riding well-trained war drakes. Airspur is home mostly to genasi. Representatives of other races also live here, usually craftspeople, mercenaries, or other specialized workers, but [genasi]
also fill many of these positions (and none but genasi ever act in leadership roles). Being a [genasi] in the city means never having to worry about falling on hard times. The queen sees to the basic needs of all refugees from Shyr and their direct descendants (although criminals and ne’er-do-wells are eventually expelled).

The Queen and the Four Stewards: Akanûl is ruled by Queen Arathane in partnership with the four Stewards of Earth, Fire, Sea, and Sky. Arathane is considered a good and just ruler. Her throne is high atop a twisted spire above Airspur where each of the four Stewards holds his or her own tiny “thronemote.” There, the lords decide the fate of the kingdom. Each of the four Stewards has specialized responsibilities. Tradrem Kethtrod, Steward of the Earth, heads up a body of secret informers and spies within and especially beyond Akanûl’s borders. Magnol, Steward of Fire, cares only about Akanûl’s defense against any and all enemies; Akanûl’s armies ultimately answer to him. Myxofin, Steward of the Sea, oversees the business of the realm as the Lord of Coin. Lehaya, Steward of the Sky, is also called the Lawgiver because she is charged with administering the laws of Akanûl. All give their allegiance to
the queen, but if they together disagree with their monarch—by her late mother’s own decree—she must abide by their wishes.