Talindra Seryth

Female Razorclaw Shifter Avenger, and assassin of Bane worshippers.


Orphaned as an infant, Tal was adopted by a reclusive order of religious assassins. She was raised with one purpose – to eliminate followers of Bane. She has a kind heart, but others often see her as rude and unapproachable. She is obsessed with her life’s mission, and has little use for hobbies or small talk. Despite this single-mindedness, she has a soft spot for art and beauty.

Tal has catlike facial features, with black fur and green eyes. She is missing part of her left ear, and has scars all over her body. Most are the result of a childhood spent in training. She has a small tattoo on her inner left wrist, the symbol of her religious order. She usually wears dark clothing.

Talindra Seryth

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