This perky little Lizardman seems a little too zealous about his faith in Bahamut


Base Creature Greenscale Hunter
med natural humanoid (reptile) level 4 skirmisher
Init +6 Perception +8
Level 4?
Role Striker
HP: 41 Bloodied 20
Healing Surges: 8
AC: 19
Fort: 17
Ref: 17
Will: 17


Spear melee, at will
Sidestep, std, at will shift 1 and make basic melee attack
Languages: Draconic

Atheletic +10
Nature +8

Str 17
Dex 15
Wis 12
Con 14
Int 8
Cha 8
1 at will – Pressing Strike. Effect: Before you attack, shift 2 squares. You can move through an enemies space during the shift, but you cant end there.
Str vs AC 1W+Str mod, and push the target 1 square.
1 encounter – Daring Charge, Str vs AC, 2W +Str mod. when charging, can use as a basic melee attack. +2 Bonus on attack and damage for each opportunity attack made against you while you charge.
1 utility – Combat Sprint Personal Move Move your speed +4. +4 Bonus to all defenses vs Opportunity attacks you provoke with this movement

Light Shield, Spear, Javelins