• Ana Bella

    Ana Bella

    This tiny little halfling monk is like Kryllin from Dragonball and Dragonball Z
  • Gavail Pontiff

    Gavail Pontiff

    A some what spoiled and ill tempered mage, looking to make a name for herself.
  • Julian


    What can one say about Julian? He's a paladin of Silvanus, god of the forest. Yet he lives in a city. Nobody knows why.
  • Marek the Silver

    Marek the Silver

    This Dragonborn Paladin tries hard to fit in amongst the followers of Torm, but he knows that Bahamut is a true inspiration.
  • Morigan McBane

    Morigan McBane

    This Human Artificer is becoming less human and more artificer every day.
  • Talindra Seryth

    Talindra Seryth

    Female Razorclaw Shifter Avenger, and assassin of Bane worshippers.
  • Aramat


    This wily elf can't be trusted
  • Sleepy


    This perky little Lizardman seems a little too zealous about his faith in Bahamut