Forgotten Realms Artifact Hunters: Reassembling The Avatar of Torm

9. The Banish threat Inside the Earth Mote

We entered to save Manganese, but will we be the ones who need saving?

Once we had all arrived safely atop the earth mote, we surveyed the area. The ground was mostly reddish dirt and patches of green grass. The sun was beginning to set behind the old, small stone building that sat in the middle of the mote with two gigantic stone doors that faced east. In front of the doors a large pile of humanoid bones, picked clean and smooth, left an ominous presence. The claw of Bane was painted hastily on the doors, as if to greet the darkness. Standing as sentries on either side sit large iron, unlit braziers.

Closer to the edge, north east of the building, a small hatch sits open, leading to a hole in the earth.

We circled the small building and notice the ceiling descended abruptly to the west, leading us to believe the entrance dropped beneath the surface and deeper into the body of the mote. Marek the Silver approached the door first, and tried to shoulder it open. it moved only slightly under his weight. A couple more pushed and the doors seemed to hardly notice the effort. Finally, a great push was made by Morigan McBane with the assistance of Sleepy, Marek the Silver, and George, pushing the great stone slabs inward enough to grant access to the stairs that sank past the threshold.

The air was cold, releasing a gust of wind that made the candles lining the walls flicker wildly. The stairs went down for 20 feet before revealing a long corridor ending with a set of doors and two more corridors, one heading off to the north and one to the south. As Tal stepped onto the landing, she heard a slight clicking sound and turned to see a dart flying towards her. She dodged the dart, but the rest of her team wasn’t as lucky.

With the screams that ensued, a violent trio of Quicklings burst into action trying desperately to stave off the attack on their home. Alas, they weren’t quick enough to survive our onslaught.

3x Quickling Runner (400xp, MM1)

After the final beast’s knife slashes became no mroe than twitches, Marek the Silver collected a new Sacrificial Longsword and Morigan scored a pair of Alchemy Gloves. We slowly descended the stairs and soon came across another level below the previous. While the stairs continued deeper into the mote, we decided to search for Manganese on this level. As before, Talindra Seryth snuck ahead, searching for traps and enemies. In a wave of impatience, Morigan blasted down the hallway and into another waiting trap, again announcing to the beasts beyond that prey had entered their home.

1x Hobgoblin Hand of Bane (700xp, MM1)
2x Hobgoblin Warcaster (150xp, MM1);
3x Hobgoblin Warrior (88xp, MM1)

A small troop of Hobgoblins fought valiantly to their deaths while Tal continued to explore to the south. She spotted a set of keys nailed to the wall, but more aptly spotted the trapped floor before it. Morigan, who was also alerted to the trapped floor, decided it would be the best way to rid himself of the nuisance that is George.

As Morigan urged the Scathebeast onto the platform, Tal screeched in warning to Gavail, but was also heard by the band of barghests and ogres who came running down the hall with the promise of blood.

1x Hobgoblin Fleshcarver (500xp, MM2)
2x Ogre Thug (150xp, MM1)
3x Barghest Savager (175, MM2)

After the final battle ended, the keys were retrieved and the final door was opened, revealing a a magic circle used to heal and create wights. With anger in their hearts, Talindra Seryth and Gavail took to it’s destructions, but the necrotic retaliation of the area nearly killed Gavail while it only momentarily singed Tal. From the far table we collected some magical scrolls: Comrades’ Succor, Bolster Object, Thunderstone, Corpselike Visage, Smokestick, and Undead Servitor.

Finally, our energy spent, we decided to barricade ourselves in the hobgoblin’s room and sleep for the night.



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