Forgotten Realms Artifact Hunters: Reassembling The Avatar of Torm

7. Onward towards Cimbar (Part 2)

The road is long, but the journey is fruitful.

Following our investigations around town as to what type of fighters are employed under house Guldar, Malavhan, and Urdo, we assigned our team members to their enemies while ther est placed out bets and awaited the coming victory in the stands.

First up was Marek the Silver battling against the Half-Orc Hunter (MM2) of house Guldar. As the gates opened, the Half-Orc drew his battle axe and blasted at Marek with blood in his eyes. Though an arduos and bloody struggle, Marek finally bested his enemy and much profit was made by all. Lyndon praised the dragonborn for his good work in the name of House Thorsar, offered him his reward and prepared Ana Bella for her own fight.

Squaring off against a Dark One, the Hex Knight (MM3)) had no chance. A small a package of fists and elbows danced around him leaving his swortshord swiping through air for most of the battle. With another enemy down, Lyndon Thorsar once again shelled out some gp to the winner and Talindra Seryth prepared for her fight.

Full of confidence, the small gnome stepped out of the gates with a smirk and into the threat of Talindra. Quicker to the draw, Talindra ran at the little furry creature with a roar and bloodied it in two swipes of her sword. Moments later, the gnome was on the floor unconscious, his smirk gone.

Three fights later and with a grand total of 2265 gp from bets and rewards, Lyndon Thorsar approached our group. “That was glorious, maybe now they’ll respect me! Thank you so much for your help," he exclaimed. “Here is the gold I promised you, and I hope you did well on your wagers. Please, come over for a celebratory feast!”
The night was warm and breezy; we dined on aged lamb with truffles, drank sweet mead imported from the dale lands, and sang songs all night. ”/campaign/artifact-hunters-the-avatar-of-torm/wikis/lyndon-thorsar" class=“wiki-page-link”> Lyndon offered us all fitted tunics with his house’s symbol and begged us to visit him again. “You are always welcome in house Thorsar,” he told us before we left in the morning with our rations restocked. “And please, take these robes; wear my family’s crest proudly." One of the robes shined more brilliantly than the others.

●Days: 5
It was night, and we had set up camp within view of the Ruins of Starmantle. Consulting his memory, Marek the Silver recalled that Starmantle was destroyed in 1385 DR by the Spellplague. By 1396 DR the city was little more than ruins. Large man sized, gemstone hard, emerald colored outcrops that hum with a single flute like note cover the ruins and the surrounding land. A flickering blue glow passes between the outcrops. Obsidian masses slowly drift across the open ground. The only inhabitants now are plaguechanged Ghouls. As we were deciding on whether or not to stop for the night, we hear sad, painful moans coming from all sides.

It was a tough battle, nearly wiping out the lot of us, but as the final ghoul dropped dead, we realized how much loot (1800gp in gems and Astral Finemail) the oozes had collected in their gooey bodies.

Ghoul Encounter 1500xp
1 Plaguechanged Ghoul (400xp, FRCG)
2 Ghoul Flesh Seekers (350xp, MM3)
2 Ghasts (500xp, MM3)
2 Gray Oozes (250xp, MM2)

●Days: 2
Another hot night near the coast was upon us. The wind was blowing through the branches. We heard an owl calling to the night somewhere in the trees above. Talindra Seryth heard the rustling of leaves again, but this time, she didn’t feel a breeze. Through the foliage, a giant feathered bear was seen skulking. The rest of the team was alerted and yet another battle was underway.

Owlbear Encounter 1700xp
1 Owlbear (700xp, pg 212)
2 Cave Bears (1200xp, pg 29)

●Days: 2
After Entering the nation of Turmish we noticed a trader on the road up ahead. He was riding a large slimy cow-like creature and carrying sacks of goods, which Gavail Pontiff identified as a Scathebeast.

Upon noticing us, the trader turned to us and spoke. “Oh. Wow. Adventurers. Interested in trading?” The trader tried to dismount the creature, but got his ankle caught in a strap and fell onto the dirt. “Oh hell,” he said as he got up and cleaned off the dirt. He went through his items trying to jsutify their prices, but Marek the Silver was having none of it. Finally, Tal noticed him attempting to pickpocket the coinpurse of the dragonborn and alert Marek to the threat. Marek grabbed the trader by the lapels at which point he promptly dissapeared to all members of the group save for Tal.

Being far from sneaky, he tried to ride off on his mount but was stopped short by Sleepy and Morigan McBane. A small battle began before Marek the Silver demanded his surrender, and the trader, aknowledging his lack of options, began to plead for his life.

A debate began amongst us as to how to deal with the little cretin, who identified himself as a Doppelganger in an effort to gain some clout with his honesty, but Gavail Pontiff, who really wanted to test the abilities of his new Scathebeast mount, crushed the trader beneath it and dissolved it in the creatures acid slime. Now the trader’s goods were up for grabs.

Trader Encounter 350xp
1 Doppelganger Assassin (350xp, MM)

3 Potions of Healing, handaxe, Climber’s Kit, Couters of Second Chances, Silk Rope, Scathebeast Mount, Cloth Darkweave Armor, 915gp

●Days: 4
It was another sticky evening as the sun sank lower in the sky. We had finally reached the outskirts of the ruins that are known as Morningstar Hollows. Today, the ruins were home to a gang of bandits who preyed on scar pilgrims. Unfortunately, that gang of bandits saw us coming. We cannot trade with them, but we can take their stuff once they have been killed. But first, we need to find the source of the arrows and bolts being shot at us.



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