Forgotten Realms Artifact Hunters: Reassembling The Avatar of Torm

11. Searching Through the Ruins of a Once Great City

This dead city holds the location of the birth of Torm's armor.

Our eyes swayed over a network of extensive ruins. The air was thick with the sounds of howling wind and scurrying rats. Moss and shrubbery had taken over much of the city that was here. The floor was cracked and chaotic, with peaks rising as high as 50 feet in some places and pits and chasms reaching a dozen or more feet across. It’s obvious to see how nobody could have survived the torment that this city received during the shift with Abeir.

Manganese stepped forward and motioned towards the city. “Somewhere in this mess lies the shop of of your armorer. In it may lie the armor you seek, or more likely clues to where the strange ore was mined. Likewise, we should also seek out the Mining Authority, for it will contain records of mines in the region, their foreman, and their contents. I say we get cracking. Where to first?”

With Manganese leading the way, we tried the armorer’s shop first. It took a couple hours to find it amongst the rubble, and we arrived pretty deep into the night. We came upon an austere storefront nestled between the remains of another smith and a bakery. The air was still and very dusty. A large crack spread along the floor just feet from the doorway. Manganese tried to tiptoe around it, but lost his footing when a loose stone gave way, sending him falling into the floor beneath. Through his bumbling idiocy, Manganese alerted the lurking Sword Wraith to our presence.

1x Sword Wraith (deleveled) (1300xp, MM1)

Once the ghost of Feril Bilikin has been relieved of his tormented existence, we explored the shop’s remains. From within a close downstairs, we found to beautifully crafter steel plate armor sets, and one menacing looking set made of large red scales. We also discovered a small opened lockbox filled with gold and a pair of magical gloves. Lastly, we discovered the decayed skeleton of Feril Bilikin himself. In the pocket of his rotted and tattered britches we found a letter:

“Feril my boy, When will you come back home? We all miss you here in Landovar Ridge. Your brother’s leg is much better; he managed to get you another few pounds of that strange ore you requested.

“I’m thinking we should move to Cimbar with everyone else; the mine seems to have dried up; but you know how stubborn your father is. I hope all is well for you there. Please visit us soon.

Your dear mother, Lucia.”

With the news that Bilikin’s mysterious ore had come from an area near the village of Landovar Ridge, we knew we were that much closer to finding the artifact. Unfortunately, none of had heard of the town, so onwards to the Mining Authority we went, but not before Gavail raised the corpse of Feril Bilikin with his scroll of Undead Servitor and Morigan set fire to the place while we were still within.

Now that we had a somehwat stronger lay of the land, we continued on another search throiugh the ruins of Cimbar. Which, a couple hours later, as the moon grows more full and the night colder, we stumble upon.

With some effort, we pushed open the the door. The room was dusty and dry, the smell of coal hung in the air. Ahead of was a large hole in the floor. Through it, we could see down into the basement. Cracks crept up the walls. With a moment of zealous impatience, Morigan leaped over the gash in the floor and into the darkness, leaving his companions at the doorway. Through the cloudy darkness, he saw a faint glow around a short, squat, armored figure. Before he could react, the creature dissapeared and the glow surrounded Morigan. With a smile on his face, he turned towards his allies and shot a bolt from his crossbow.

2x Ghost Legionnaires (800xp, MM2)

Eventually the creature was shunted out of our friend, and a direct battle began between us, the Artifact Hunters, and a pair of confused, undead dwarves dead set on defending their mine. Once the threat had ended, we took to the bookshelves, searchign for for details on Feril Bilikin’s mines. After a moment of flipping through rotting books and folders, tTal found Bilikin’s Mining License Application, which revealed the location of his shop in town and his mine’s license number. Now all we needed was a map of the mines with which to cross reference and we’ll know where to head next.

And while nothing more than gold was to be discovered at this level, we descended downstairs to find our last bit of information. At the bottom, we found a large room, more personal than the business in the front. Again, an attack came upon us. Two wailing ghosts floated towards us from different directions, again hindering our advance.

2x Wailing Ghost (700xp)

Once their screams subsided, we searched through storeroom and more documents with care, save for another rockslide or crashing floor. Eventually, we discovered a Map of Mines, deatiling the locations of each, labeled by license number. Manganese confirmed that he can take us there, so we gathered the rest of our loot and headed upstairs with the taste of impending victory on our lips.



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